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expedition. When the preparations were completed, he
appointed a 31 11 ban: mad an officer Ismail Khan, by name, who
acquired the privilege of being called the Raya's son. The sar-
dar ou receiving the iamlTda of appointment*, solemnly vowed
that he would bring the head of G-nravaraja, and marched away
with his army. He reached the fort, where Griiravaraja was
residing within a short time, and having easily destroyed the
western outpost built at the head of the Bandla Kanuma, he
pushed his way to the western wall of the fort where he halted.
That night he had batteries erected on the summit of the hill
called Gimdlukatta and trained the guns on the fort, which
was, at the same time, attacked by his troops from below. The
besieged defended the place as long as they could, and, at last,
when tuey found that resistance was useless, they surrendered
it on condition that they would be allowed to pass nnmolested.
Guravtiraja, who was taken prisoner, was beheaded and his
head was carried away (to Vijayangara). The women and
children who were in the fort committed suicide.

of SfScupxtle, L. R. 56, pp. 65 ff.

NarasingaraycCs Minister : — Mention has already been
made that on the very day Almeida arrived at the port of
Canuanore, Jsarasmgaraya's minister went on board the vessel
and had an interview with him. This is how it happened :
On hearing of the greatness of the victory of the Portuguese,
the Raya ?ent his minister from Anegundi to Cannanore ; the
minister submitted that " the Raya was willing to enter into a
treaty with Emanuel, that he proposed to offer the hand of his
daiighter to Emanuers son, and that the necklace of brilliants
sent be not refused." The Portuguese were immensely
pleaded to hear this message as also of the fame and glory of the
BŁy&*8 kingdom. Therefore the Raya held the Mussalmans in
hatred, and ever kept them in check.

__ ^                                                      "           IClrala. Paterna^ Chapter 29.

* It wai cttitGsrtiy at Vijayanagara to present tambul* *,*., betel a*d nuts to
persca* cc?Bstt;t*ioE.fc<i specially to do SOjae wort by the R5ya as a *ign of formal ratifica-